Dog Park Etiquette

Visiting the dog park with your canine can be the highlight of your pet’s day. While you’re there, a little common sense and courtesy will go a long way in ensuring an enjoyable experience for all park visitors. When entering the dog park, removing your dog’s leash is a good idea, so your dog doesn’t feel intimidated by the off-leash dogs. Dogs love to socialize, so it’s best to let them run free so they can sniff and smell each other on equal ground.

While some people choose to sit and others opt to walk around with their pets, keeping an eye on your dog at all times is important. First, because we want to be sure to clean up after our dogs, and if we don’t know where our dog is, we probably won’t know where to find his “business.” It goes without saying that park users are expected to clean up after our dogs. Both bags and scoopers are available at the park for that purpose.

You also want to watch your dog to be sure he is having a great time and is not feeling scared of or being aggressive with other dogs.

If your dog is aggressive, the dog park may not be the best place to socialize him. If your dog does get scrappy, calmly and assertively taking charge of the situation and removing your dog from the park is a must. If dogs are injured, be sure to exchange contact information with all parties in order to make amends for any vet bills that may be incurred.

Thankfully, dog fights don’t occur very often at the dog park, as most of our park visitors are friendly and ready to play. Bringing along a chuck it and tennis ball for dogs that love to chase balls adds to the fun.

Following the posted rules at the park and demonstrating common courtesy will help make the dog park a happy place, for humans and canines alike. See you at the dog park!