Howling Good Time at the April Neighborhood OLA Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On Saturday April 23rd, 2016 COLA and Conejo Recreation & Parks celebrated the opening of three new neighborhood off leash areas (Kimber, Walnut Grove and Estella) with a unique ribbon cutting ceremony. Approximately 40 folks showed up with their pups to take part in the event. The celebration began with a beginner’s agility course, set up outside the fenced area for those wanting to try the sport. Folks found that their dogs loved it – especially the tunnel. Then the Ribbon Cutting took place inside the park. Two dogs “volunteered” to hold the ribbon, while others participated in a chase game over, under and around the ribbon holders. Finally, a mega ball toss was tried – 20 dogs chasing thrown balls at the same time. Needless to say, chaos erupted. But everyone got along, had fun, and went home tired but happy.

Thanks again to CRPD for moving forward with these off leash areas. And thanks to the OLA users for their support and stewardship. They’ve shown that off lease areas can successfully be integrated into neighborhood parks.