The canine citizen

Conejo Valley is going to the dogs.

Changing demographics both locally and nationally show that more households contain dogs than children. People own dogs for companionship and its only natural that when they want to enjoy their local parks with their canine. However, with an estimated 28,000 dogs now living in our community, rules need to be […]

The Three Off Leash Safety Commands

Whether you’re into training your dog or just letting things “happen”, if you let your dog off leash at all there are three safety commands that your dog should know – “Come”, “Stay”, and “Leave It”. The “Come” or recall command is used when your dog is away from you […]

The canine citizen

“The Good Old Days” When I was a wee lass there was no such thing as dog parks. Few people had fenced yards and you had to hunt to find where you’d last left your dog’s leash. When your dog had “to go”, you opened the door. When he was […]