Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Three Off Leash Safety Commands

Whether you’re into training your dog or just letting things “happen”, if you let your dog off leash at all there are three safety commands that your dog should know – “Come”, “Stay”, and “Leave It”. The “Come” or recall command is used when your dog is away from you […]

Dog Park Etiquette

Visiting the dog park with your canine can be the highlight of your pet’s day. While you’re there, a little common sense and courtesy will go a long way in ensuring an enjoyable experience for all park visitors. When entering the dog park, removing your dog’s leash is a good […]

Next Ambassador Training:

Next Ambassador Training: Saturday, October 17, 9am Kimber Off Leash Area  Ambassadors: Identify and report any maintenance and user problems to the Park Superintendent. Facilitate user adherence to park rules and regulations through education and intervention. Maintain the information kiosk. Remove any unauthorized advertising or postings from fence. Check and restock […]

The canine citizen

“The Good Old Days” When I was a wee lass there was no such thing as dog parks. Few people had fenced yards and you had to hunt to find where you’d last left your dog’s leash. When your dog had “to go”, you opened the door. When he was […]