Welcome to Conejo Off Leash Areas (COLA)

Our mission is to promote enjoyable and safe use of Conejo Valley off leash areas and support fun and educational opportunities that lead to positive canine-human interactions.

Off Leash Parks

Here is a list of off leash parks that allow you to take your canines off their leashes and let them roam around the park. To get directions to these parks, please click on the address and you will brought to Google Maps and from there you can get appropriate directions from your location.





Bark in the Park March 12, 2017 -
The annual Conejo Recreation and Parks District Bark in the Park will be held at Conejo Creek North Park (behind the Thousand Oaks Library) on May 6, 2017 from 11:00am – 3:00pm. This is a great opportunity for the dog community to celebrate their passion for dogs! The event features products, services, local veterinarians, and […]
K-9 Communication Workshops March 3, 2017 -
Want to take your dog to the local dog park but unsure about how your dog will react to those in the parks? CRPD, in cooperation with COLA (Conejo Off Leash Areas Friends) is offering K-9 Communication workshops in its Spring Brochure. These one hour sessions will take place in local off leash areas and […]
Conejo Off Leash Areas – 2016 in Review December 12, 2016 -
2016 was a very busy year for Conejo’s dog parks.  In addition to improvements at the large dog park on Flores, this year saw permanent fencing go up at our first three neighborhood off leash areas – Kimber, Walnut Grove, and Estella.  We had a howling good time at April’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  Those that attended got a […]
COLA Board Meeting – Thursday, December 15, 7pm December 12, 2016 -
Please join us at our next meeting, Thursday, December 15, 7pm at the Goebel Adult Center, 1385 E. Janss Rd,. Thousand Oaks. Our primary order of business will be discussion on feasibility of taking over maintenance of OLAs.

COLA Facebook Feed

Dear Friends of Estella, Kimber and Walnut Grove Park Neighborhood Off-Leash Areas ("NOLAs"),

Neighborhood Off-Leash Area ("NOLA")

We spoke with CRPD, and believe we now know why CRPD has been so opposed to restoring NOLA grass. And we have a plan to resolve their concern! We believe a key concern for CRPD (if grass is restored) is having an orderly process for getting any complaints about the grass to CRPD; the plan includes that. Next step is to show CRPD that NOLA users agree to follow the plan if NOLA grass is restored.

To show that, we made a very simple and fast survey. It is extremely important for EVERY NOLA user to complete and return the survey! This includes people who do not use their NOLA now, but would if grass is restored.

The survey form is below. Responding is quick and easy. Please read the survey carefully -- it has the plan's details, so you can choose "agree" or "disagree." A plan focus would be an orderly process for getting complaints about grass to CRPD; all the plan details are below. Then please (unless you already completed a survey) fill in the requested information, type your initials in the correct column to show if you agree or disagree with following the plan if CRPD restores NOLA grass, and send it all back by "reply" Email to: ConejoFriends@gmail.com.

The more NOLA users who complete and return a survey agreeing with the plan, the better our chance for getting grass restored!

Please Take a Moment to
Please write back if you have any questions.
Thank you -- we will keep you updated!
Laura Beth Heisen
President, Conejo Off-Leash Areas Friends, Inc. ("COLA"), an all-volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) organization

Please Read, Complete, and Email to: ConejoFriends@gmail.com

Do you accept and agree to the following, if Conejo Recreation and Park District (“CRPD”) will install grass at the NOLA where you go (Kimber, Estella, Walnut Grove Park), and provide appropriate water, maintenance and periodic refurbishment for the grass?

(1) ACCEPT that, in the small NOLA area used by many dogs, it is possible that the grass may not survive or may become otherwise unsuitable for the NOLA;

(2) AGREE to closing the NOLAs for up to six months in order for the grass to be first established;

(3) ACCEPT that, during certain weather, or with heavy use, NOLA grass may become muddy, brown or bare spots, or the NOLA may need to close temporarily;

(4) AGREE that -- if necessary -- the NOLAs can be closed periodically (but no more than once a year) potentially for up to two months to refurbish the grass;

(5) AGREE that, once the grass is installed, I will direct all of my concerns and complaints about NOLA grass to the NOLA’s designated volunteer for the particular NOLA to which the complaint relates, or to COLA, but I will not direct my concerns and complaints about NOLA grass to CRPD. The NOLA’s designated volunteer or COLA will compile NOLA user concerns and complaints about NOLA grass and present them to CRPD; and

(6) AGREE that, if CRPD does install grass in the NOLAs, and provides appropriate watering, maintenance and periodic refurbishment for the grass, and the grass nevertheless does not survive or becomes otherwise unsuitable for the NOLA, then I will not complain if the grass is removed.

I go to (check one): _____ Estella Park NOLA

_____ Kimber Park NOLA

_____ Walnut Grove Park NOLA

Your Name: ______________________________________

City Where You Live: ______________________________

Your Email: ______________________________________

Your Phone (optional): _____________________________

PLEASE place your initials
on the line in the correct column below:

____YES, I want grass at the NOLA checked above and I accept and agree as shown above
____NO, I do not accept and agree as shown above and/or I want something other than grass at this NOLA (please specify)

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